Some updates

A new piece up over at JustGarciaHill, based on an interview I conducted with Kweisi Mfume, former Maryland congressman and president of the NAACP, and current executive director of the National Medical Association. As a grizzled veteran of the ridiculous Clinton administration-era wars over medical insurance reform, Mr. Mfume is remarkably well-informed about healthcare policy and he took the time to share his opinions with me regarding the Obama administration’s PPACA legislation (and its failings) as well as the larger issues of addressing the severe racial/ethnic healthcare disparities that are widespread in America. Check it out

I’ve got a new article in Nature that should be out in the next few weeks, and I’m working on a few other projects right now that are still in the early stages… there’s one in particular I’m rather excited about, but no more news on that until I’ve made a bit more progress.

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