These city walls


When I first moved to NYC (about 13 years ago) I used to have some favorite photography spots in Brooklyn… desolate, post-industrial neighborhoods where I would wander around for hours and see maybe two people. Now, the Great Manhattan Exodus means that once-barren areas like Gowanus and Red Hook have become home to luxury condos, fancy hotels, hipster bars and IKEA.

But the transformation isn’t complete yet.

I still go back about once a month to visit friends and wander around, and it gladdens this old heart to see that every now and then I’ll still come across a handful of unscathed alleys and dead ends, where a man (or woman) can go to be alone with their thoughts – or perhaps even engage in intellectual pursuits such as art criticism.

everybody's a critic

The city hasn’t done the best job preserving the old architecture, as that might interfere with the urgent need for a new La Quinta Inn overlooking one of our nation’s newest Superfund sites. But some of the old relics remain preserved for now, at least until the next real estate bubble comes along.

sealed within

uneeda biscuit

And, on the bright side, once you’re done taking in the quiet beauty of this decrepitude, now you’re just a few blocks from a wholesome snack.

something for everyone

No, I can't imagine what "taco fried chicken" is, either.

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