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On the whole, 2014 was at best unremarkable and at worst unpleasant (speaking personally – on the global scale, it was rather a shit year all around). But there was one most excellent thing that came out of it.


This was improbable for a number of reasons.

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On bended knee

I feel like I just realized that it was October last night, when I woke up in the middle of the night shivering after my girlfriend had stolen all the blankets (yet again). This has been a busy summer for work, some of which should be appearing in print shortly, as well as some other long term projects, but I also had a few vacation opportunities – including a too-brief trip to the southwest to visit some old friends, followed by a journey through Arizona’s Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly (which, by the way, is pronounced along the lines of ‘de shay-yee’ rather than ‘da shelly’, to the confoundment of most tourists).

Being me, I took far too many pictures and only just now finished editing them (2+ months later). But anyway, here’s a tiny taste of summer and sun…

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Summer… It’s Gone


When I first moved to NYC (about 13 years ago) I used to have some favorite photography spots in Brooklyn… desolate, post-industrial neighborhoods where I would wander around for hours and see maybe two people. Now, the Great Manhattan Exodus means that once-barren areas like Gowanus and Red Hook have become home to luxury condos, fancy hotels, hipster bars and IKEA.

But the transformation isn’t complete yet.
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These city walls